Living Grace

Recommended Reading..

Leading like Jesus by Kevin Symington and Keith Farmer:  It is a book to radically rethink our approach to Christian Leadership. To Rethink about authority, position, power and influence. 

Escape from Church Inc. by E.Glenn Wagner : this is  a call away from the business executive model of doing Church. Back to a shepherding missional focus 

Christ centred Mindfulness by Dr. Katherine Thomson: To improve our well-being, to slow down and connect with what happing inside. To make space to listen for God’s guidance.      

When Everything is on Fire by Brian Zahnd  A vision of faith in a world of secularism, scepticism and cynicism. 

But for the Grace of Godgo I by Terry Boyle: this is a book about the journey from religiosity to discovering the grace of God. To set us free from legalism and shame. Enjoy the freedom we have in Christ. 

Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms by Cherith Nordling : 300 plus definitions ; if you don’t understand the vocabulary how  an you enter the conversations 


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