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One Thousand Villages…update

We’re so excited to work with Chalerm in lower northern Thailand. Over the past five years, Chalerm has been stepping up and helping us to bring change by equipping and empowering local people. He wants to see lives transformed — especially those in the remote locations we serve.
 “Investing in people changes everything.”  Because over and over again, we’ve witnessed how true it is
 Justin Whitecross shared a heartfelt message with partners in northern Thailand, emphasising One Thousand Villages’ unwavering commitment to protecting girls from harm. He expressed his deep concern about the disturbing violence and exploitation that girls face daily, calling for urgent action to create a safer and more compassionate world for them.
Drawing inspiration from his own daughters, “I absolutely want them to grow up in a world that is safer and kinder than it is now. It breaks my heart to see the terrible things happening to girls every day – we have to change things so that they can live without fear and go after their dreams.’
Justin’s message was a strong call to action, encouraging us all to work together and make a world where every girl feels safe, respected, and empowered to achieve their goalsGreat people & amazing coffee!
Curve Coffee supported the foundation again this year, we’re so grateful. Scholarships, rice, nets & bedding delivered because good people care
Just wanted to send a big thank you to all our supporters, whether you’re in Jamberoo, Bundaberg, South Melbourne, Tweed Heads, Sydney, the North Coast, or even all the way over in Western Australia! You’re all amazing – thanks for everything!
Empowering disadvantaged families and protecting vulnerable girls is a big challenge, but we’re committed to making it happen.
You guys are absolutely awesome – big thanks for all you do!


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