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News from Anne-Sophie Rowcroft in Niger

Dear friend,

Elisabeth has been progressing well with her obstetric training. The last two weeks have been quite hectic – I never know whether it is a post-Ramadan peak or random, but on several days we had over 200 women come for antenatal clinic which is normally run by one midwife who then sends through high risk and complicated patients for doctor review. We had to turn away quite a lot of women – on Friday the midwife was able to screen 115 women with Blood Pressure checks, ultrasound and some blood tests, and asked the rest to come back next week. Our small team is feeling the pressure of this large volume of women coming for our services, and we face the daily difficult decisions of not being able to manage things as well as we could because we just don’t have the personnel. It is hard to invest time in training when there is so many people to see each day, so please pray that I continue to be intentional in investing in Elisabeth and that she will be more independent soon. 

Would you pray with us for more obstetric trained doctors to join our long term team? Would you pray with us for more obstetric trained doctors to come for short term stints regularly to provide much need support for our long term team?

Siko, the lab technician, and his wife, Delphine, a nurse educator, have been a big encouragement to the team. They are willing to stay on for another year to continue to train laboratory staff and nurses, which is a huge blessing for the hospital. It will be a big help to have Siko here through another malaria season also. On the 25th April was World Malaria Day, and our lab has a critical role in the diagnosis of the thousands of cases of malaria that we see through malaria season and around the rest of the year. Would you be willing to contribute financially to them staying for another year? Please contact SIM in your country and quote their member number 550095 in order to make a donation to them. It is most helpful if you are able to pledge a sum regularly in order to meet their budgeted needs for the year. Thank you! 

We have recently had a higher than normal number of cases of meningitis. One young woman came with meningitis a week after she gave birth and despite appropriate treatment, died the next day. We have a number of babies with meningitis that just keep having fevers, but it is so hard when the ambient temperature in the room is at times over 40 degrees to know if these babies are having true fevers! We are definitely well and truly in hot season, with each day for weeks on end forecast at over 40 degrees. And each day delivers… I went into work last Friday at 6:30am for a Ventouse birth and half an hour later was so drenched in sweat I had to go home for a shower! 
Thanks for your ongoing support, thoughts and prayers. It means a lot to me that people around the world are partnering in this work here at Galmi. 

With love, 

News From Slavic Gospel Ukraine:

Dear Friends

“Since the first days of the war, our community has been actively involved in helping those who fled the hot spots of our country. We outlined how many people we were ready to accept for permanent or temporary residence, and how else we could help people in need. We placed placards around the town, and we posted information on social networks that our church can help IDPs [internally displaced persons] with accommodation and food. People came from everywhere! With the financial aid from SGA we bought food and medications.” Sharing what it is like to live close to the front line, in a city that is often shelled and hit by missiles: “We have an 8-year-old girl living with us because her mother is having treatment for cancer in a different city. Yesterday, she waited up until midnight because it was her birthday – she could hardly wait to turn 9 years old. At 12:00 sharp, we all hugged and congratulated her. Yet at 12:01 there was a loud explosion,followed by three more explosions. We all ran into the hall of our apartment building and prayed to God that He would protect us. The next morning we saw the destruction of the buildings around us. This is our reality!” The war has brought; death, ruins, destruction, pain, suffering and many graves. “What hurts most is having to bury young soldiers, and especially our brothers in Christ”. As we continue to see the terrible situations around the world, we continue to pray for our brothers and sisters who are caught in the midst of immense suffering. We have shared some stories and we encourage you to join us in praising the Lord for the souls that have been saved, for the lives that have been impacted by the Gospel.

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