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Ladies Bible Studies…Thursday mornings

Thursday morning bible studies provide a unique opportunity for women to come together in fellowship and spiritual growth. These gatherings not only deepen individuals’ understanding of scripture but also create a sense of community and connection. By studying the Bible alongside one another, women are able to share their personal experiences, insights, and struggles in a safe and supportive environment.

As members engage with scripture and one another, they develop into dynamic community members who embody love, compassion, and empathy in their daily lives. The gentle guidance provided by these bible studies helps women navigate life’s challenges with faith and grace, empowering them to positively impact their families, workplaces, and beyond.  For more information contact Jill on 0438451133


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Adventurous in Restoration: Living Grace At The Frontlines Of Crisis And Change 

23 May 2024 By Amy Galliford “Not only did you repair my roof, but you restored my faith at the same time.” For Living Grace Church (formerly Tweed Church of Christ), the call to partner with God’s restoration in this world has taken them far beyond their comfort zones into the thick of crisis and change. “The first responders are often the church!” says John Latta, Senior Pastor at Living Grace Church and Disaster Recovery Chaplain Coordinator for Lismore Business

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Recommended Reading..

Leading like Jesus by Kevin Symington and Keith Farmer:  It is a book to radically rethink our approach to Christian Leadership. To Rethink about authority, position, power and influence.  Escape from Church Inc. by E.Glenn Wagner : this is  a call away from the business executive model of doing Church. Back to a shepherding missional focus  Christ centred Mindfulness by Dr. Katherine Thomson: To improve our well-being, to slow down and connect with what happing inside. To make space to listen for God’s guidance.      

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One Thousand Villages…update

We’re so excited to work with Chalerm in lower northern Thailand. Over the past five years, Chalerm has been stepping up and helping us to bring change by equipping and empowering local people. He wants to see lives transformed — especially those in the remote locations we serve. “Investing in people changes everything.”  Because over and over again, we’ve witnessed how true it is Justin Whitecross shared a heartfelt message with partners in northern Thailand, emphasising One Thousand Villages’ unwavering commitment to protecting

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