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A Message From Ukraine: Pastor Malinich

This ongoing war in Ukraine is such a terrible thing. From the pastors we support we are getting some updates on the situation. As you can imagine, they are all so weary of this war.I keep in regular contact with Sergey Kukushkin, as he knows English and sends updates from their region – Vinistya.

Sadly, last month his own father [Nikolai Kukshkin] was called home at the age of 76. He did have some health issues, but the stress of the war was too much for his heart. They couldn’t even treat him in the hospital because there is no room. So many wounded soldiers are being cared for, so many citizens have to try to recover at home. 

Sergey wrote that Pastor Ivan Malinich is continuing to minister to people in the villages. There are many displaced people who they are helping with food aid, medicines and developing a personal relationship with them. Sergey said that they are all weary as they don’t get enough sleep with sirens going off at all hours of the night. They don’t even go to any shelters, but just stay where they are and pray that the Lord will keep them all safe.

A relative of mine lives in the region. He runs a Christian school, and he said that the children live in fear all the time. When the sirens go off during lessons, they have to move all the children to a basement until the sound stops. But he said that we sing songs loudly to drown out the sirens. 

Pastor Ivan, Sergey Kukushkin and another pastor we support there go each week to various villages and hold bible studies during the week, and services on Sunday.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Ivan as he has had so many health issues, yet this does not stop him from doing what he can – “until the Lord takes me home” he said.

Last week we sent them additional funds for food for the displaced people.

We continue to pray that the Lord will put an end to this terrible war that has take so many lives on both sides.

Thank your church for their prayers and support.


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